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Kenya continues to position itself as a global leader in research and innovation. In 2021, the Global Innovation Index positioned Kenya as second to South Africa in Sub-Sahara. Further the Covid 19 pandemic has demonstrated the need to nurture new ideas in order to support society’s growth as well as boost capacity to overcome pandemics. As such the UoN foundation has been established to support Kenyan researchers undertake more ground breaking research and innovation.

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Resource Mobilization

Mandated with the function and management of all fundraising programs of the university. Sourcing for funds (grants, donations or endowments), entering into associations, collaborations or linkages with other persons, bodies or organizations within or outside Kenya as may be considered desirable or appropriate in line with the objectives of the university.

Education advancement

Time had come for the University of Nairobi to spearhead institutions of higher education in Kenya to lobby partners in advanced education to institutionalize sustainability of higher education institutions; it was time to “Endow African Universities” thereby moderating cost of higher education and in turn ensuring affordability for the sake of the greater African populace who are financially challenged.